I’m a New anti-Semite?!

but the Guardian and the BBC are too.

My journey to being so ‘vile’ began as I researched the anti-capitalist ‘Occupy’ movement to which the web was to eventually lead me to anti-Semitic elements within it.  Banners in the Chicago demonstration read ‘Hitler’s bank’ and ‘google Jewish billionaires’, as well as this there were a few interviews with protesters mentioning 9/11 or the banking crisis as a Jewish conspiracy.  These idiots looking for any kind publicity were featured on web sites campaigning against anti-Semitism but as I read further it seemed that a focus of concern was both the Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

News and comment that appeared to focus too heavily on Israel’s abuses rather than Palestinians’ was anti-Semitic and the accusation was even extended to the level of reporting in proportion to other world events.  My own interest is equally disproportional as is my criticism of Israel’s behaviour which makes me a New anti-Semite. This, despite the fact that behaviour of the leadership of Gaza and to lesser extent the West Bank is far worse, is because Israel is supposed to be an enlightened western democracy.

Don’t get me wrong, even though the notion of a ‘promised land’ by some bronze-age shepherd’s god is ludicrous in the modern world, Israel grew out of a century of complicated history.  If Jordan was carved out of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire as a favour to an Arab chieftain why not Israel?

Israel was created by the secular UN and therefore is a world issue and so is the plight of the Palestinians. Ironic then that the Palestinians would wish the same route to secure their future. Ultimately it will be the US that will block this symbolic if futile gesture.

Some of the Islamic nations reaction is found in newspaper cartoons that the American Anti Deformation League judged as anti-Semitic and demonizing Israel can be viewed via the link.

anti-Semitic cartoons in Arab press following the failure of Palestine to be granted nation status

A couple of the cartoons, in-particular characterises the Jew in a stereotypical and offensive way in that they are dressed in the ultra-orthodox Haredi style with a big nose. It is the use of such caricature that makes it offensive rather than the representation. A French man on a bicycle with beret, stripped jumper, moustache and onions is a false demeaning caricature but is not offensive [perhaps it is] because it has not been used to oppress the French.  The other cartoons are more difficult to judge as anti-Semitic,  anti-Israel yes but considering the plight of Palestinians is  often a convenient guise to play to the gallery this is no surprise or shock.

ADL cite these cartoons as a further example of inherent anti-Semitism throughout the Arab world and it is this which is used as another obstacle to a Palestinian settlement. Another much quoted example of Arab anti-Semitism is the use by states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran  and Syria as well as the Egyptian media of the [faked] Protocols of the Elders. A Russian propagandist pamphlet written around 1900 that purports to be the minutes and manifesto of a secret global Jewish organisation bent on the overthrow of the Russian establishment and eventual world domination.

It has been used as proof of a Zionist conspiracy by, amongst others, Henry Ford, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the now ex-tyrant Gaddafi and most of the ultra right of the last century. Like all good prophetic works it is vague enough and contradictory to fit most situations. Although rambling the key tools of the conspirators are the installation of Jews or if unavailable, Freemasons into global positions of power. The use of both communism and capitalism, liberalism, war, revolution, atheism, as well as pornography and now pop music to achieve their goals. The ‘proof’ is that Jews control the media and more importantly the banks, hence the financial crisis was orchestrated to bring about the new world order. At the centre of that crisis are firms like Goldman Sach which was indeed founded by two American Jews.  A reason perhaps why one of the cartoons features Obama in the pocket of a fat cat  Jewish banker.

It could be presumed that America’s support for Israel is a direct consequence of the control exercised by American Jews who represent just 2% of the population.  The global population of Jews is tiny at around 13 million with most either in the the US or Israel so how is it they appear to have so much power? The logic is that the Protocols of Zion must be true. Obama is just a puppet, controlled by the banks and the powerbrokers.

Personally I have wondered why presidential candidates are pressed by the media as to whether they are going to support Israel and why the Israel lobby has quite so much influence.  But what is clear is that there is no Jewish banking cabal [curiously the term for secret group comes from cabala which is the Jewish mystic sect]. As far as banking and financial businesses are concerned Jewish companies do not dominate the sector, in fact Goldman Sach is ranked 20th and Rothchilds doesn’t even make the rankings. The most successful group of companies were founded by an average mixture of cultures with the Welsh dominating through the success of Morgan Stanley and Chase Manhattan.

Search the internet for the prominence of Jews in society and you can turn to the far right whose comprehensive list will prove Jewish control or to the Zionist camp which will do much the same to prove how special they are. Wikipedia has a list of American Jews that features a lot of names from the film and media business, and surprising the names of just four current US politicians. There is also a list of notable Americans of Irish descent that includes half of all presidents as well as plenty of well known actors and businessmen; curiously the most noted American anti-Semites were Ford and Disney, both of Irish descent.

The number of US politicians of Irish descent is far more disproportional than rest of the US population so perhaps there is a secret Irish conspiracy for world domination. All of this is foolish talk and that goes for any Zionist conspiracy but in the Arab World [and Persian] it would appear to be logical that Zionists have a disproportionate control over US and therefore UN policy.

Relations between Israel and the US have cooled during the Obama presidency with Obama actively seeking a settlement but ultimately it is the US voter who in the main supportive of Israel.  It is not the Jewish vote, although their small numbers are in key swing states, but the American fundamentalist right. Evangelical Christians need the State of Israel to exist and even expand to a notional historical Israel to fulfil prophesy of the second coming. Read some of the Tea Party movement’s literature and it’s plain that support for Israel is fundamental political dogma.  Both sectors have a frightening amount of power.

Earlier in the year Obama not only sought to make closer bonds with the Arab world but also saw the pre 1967 as the starting point for negations for a two state solution. Perhaps it would have been a step to far and political suicide to support the symbolic acceptance of Palestine to the UN even if  Palestine was moved up from observer status to that of the Vatican which is observer state status.

for a reasonable balanced understanding of the plight of the Palestinian people I would recommend the link below.



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