Jules, all about me!

Hi, I’m Jules, and just like a lot of bloggers I get cross about the seemingly insignificant role my opinions have in the world. Discovering the blogosphere has given me the cosy illusions that someone, somewhere is listening, rather like the way people think their thoughts are heard and understood by an imaginary friend, like Jesus or God.

There is no real theme except me waving my fist and damning the Right wing the Left wing, religion, idiots and popular culture. Perhaps if there were some half decent films or television without the same old cheesy plots I would stop.

I also wrote a world changing book Serpent in the Labyrinth which is available on Kindle and Amazon [US sorry about the postage]

Serpent in the Labyrinth: Exodus to 9/11

15 thoughts on “Jules, all about me!

  1. Jules, I’m very flattered that you have decided to follow Learning from Dogs. Please feel free to comment just as often as you wish and I’m always happy to publish a guest post from you. Best wishes, Paul

  2. You can of course do what you like on your own blog but I think your choice of username on ourfiniteworld is in remarkably bad taste especially as it’s the blog of a lady (and a unique one at that). Cheers.

      • Understood, just that’s not how it came across to me. Whether the fault lies in my reading or your writing is then one of those unanswerable questions that “philosophers” obsess over. Have just heard the curious news that young children are now using the hijacked old word “gay” to mean “bad”.
        (Hey, you haven’t removed that very offensive comment yet!)

  3. Hey, Jules, I just tried to email you, but the message didn’t go through. As Paul mentioned above, you have a bad link in the article above, to your book: it ends with ‘http://’ which makes it a 404, not found.

    I’ve just bought your book πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re well!

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